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RAMSES Enterprise Solution

InfoChip announces the release of RAMSES for the Oil & Gas Industry

RAMSES Enterprise Solution for Oil & Gas Industry

InfoChip announces the release of its enterprise software platform RAMSES developed with and for the oil & gas marketplace. RAMSES (RFID Asset Management Shared Enterprise Solution) delivers a ground breaking digital tracking solution saving users time and money. It also enables safety compliance for high-volume, mobile, difficult to identify, critical assets.

For the past ten years, the InfoChip team has built on its industry solutions for the hose and lifting markets. “With over two million chips in the field and 40,000 user logins, we have grown the solution to meet the most extreme applications” sites company founder and CEO, Chris Gelowitz. “We have always catered to the oil & gas market with great user adoption for asset identification, inspection, testing, rental, kits management and PM.” InfoChip’s suite of RFID chips (HF & UHF) can be easily inserted into a wide range of assets including above surface and down-hole tools, frac iron, rigging, hose, tanks, etc.

InfoChip has worked with several land-based and offshore drillers developing RAMSES to meet the tracking requirements associated with an extended network of suppliers, logistics teams, safety teams and internal management. Complete visibility from a safety and inventory standpoint is now accessible for mobile assets that change hands through their lifecycle. InfoChip software applications include online, PC, handheld, tablet and smartphone applications. The InfoChip services team offers integration to third-party applications for testing and financial reporting.