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Xplorer RFID Tag

The world’s first UHF RFID Tag Built for Drill Pipe and Downhole Environments

T.H. Hill and Associates Approves Xplorer Tag for Drill Pipe

The Xplorer is the world’s first metal, ultra-high frequency (UHF), ATEX-certified, RFID tag designed to survive extreme downhole conditions. Xplorer was developed in cooperation with oil & gas companies to provide drillers with an easy and accurate method to electronically identify drilling pipe at distances as great as five feet, as it trips in and out of the well. This is the base of a platform that can reduce human error, ensure the right pipe is being deployed, collect and record data for advanced analytics, automate pipe tally, guide electronic field inspections, and many other valuable tasks related to oilfield operations.

Today, InfoChip LP, the exclusive distributor of the Xplorer tag, has released their finite element analysis (FEA) which concludes that there is no detrimental impact to asset integrity when embedding the Xplorer in the tool joint of drill pipe. T.H. Hill, the company which conducted the study, determined that “the pins of the connections had a lesser fatigue life than the RFID tag holes.” In today’s market of $40/barrel of oil, operators are searching for efficiencies in the drilling process. Now, with the new Xplorer tag and fixed or handheld readers, operators have the ability to predict failure, increase the life of the pipe, and reduce overall drilling cost.

A summary of what was tested: FEA Analysis for InfoChip Summary

See the installation and testing process:

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InfoChip is the world’s leading provider of single-sourced RFID Asset Management Solutions including hardware, software and services. InfoChip’s powerful safety compliance and inspection management software works hand-in-hand with our own ultra-durable and cost-effective RFID tags and readers, with over two million tags in circulation. The InfoChip solution enables manufacturers, distributors and end-users to work together to efficiently manage the certification, tracking and inspection of industrial assets from cradle to grave to build a rich dataset related to their assets which can be used to analyze the behavior and performance characteristics. InfoChip partners with equipment manufacturers, distributors and inspection companies to deliver innovative safety tracking solutions to users world wide. This results in reduced costs and liability, as well as enhanced safety and customer relationships.

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