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DuraPlug9.5 RFID Tag

Available for Oilfield Applications

InfoChip DuraPlug9.5 RFID tag available for Oilfield

InfoChip’s latest RFID tag, the DuraPlug9.5, has been tested and released for use in oilfield applications. This revolutionary ultra-durable, patented design is the most cost-effective way to embed RFID into metal assets. InfoChip provides form drills which drill a cavity in the metal object to the perfect shape in seconds, and the DuraPlug is then easily tapped into the hole securely and permanently without adhesive. The DuraPlug is manufactured from an engineered polymer alloy, resulting in a package extremely resistant to impact, pressure, moisture, chemical, UV, magnuflux, radiation, temperature and other environmental threats. This passive tag is appropriate for explosive environments.

“We have testing the usability of the DuraPlug9.5 in down-hole tools with amazing results” sites company Founder and CEO, Chris Gelowitz. “The small size and embedded nature enable the chip to live with the asset through its lifecycle withstanding high temperatures and abrasive chemical exposure”.

The InfoChip DuraPlug is utilized in a variety of applications:

  • Surface & Down-Hole Tools, Oilfield Equipment, Iron & Hose, Lifting Devices, Containers
  • Machined parts, measuring devices, dies
  • Anywhere a small, extremely durable embedded RFID tag is required

InfoChip, the World’s Most Durable RFID

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